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I am Carlos Etchevers, a Chilean entrepreneur and investor. At an early age I arrived in Venezuela where I grew up and developed professionally.

Betting on the growth of the country that welcomed me, I developed multiple projects, walking through different branches of business, without leaving behind my passion for art, entertainment and sport fishing. I currently reside and invest in Miami Florida.

I am currently working on the creation of a humanitarian aid foundation named Del Imperio Foundation and without forgetting the land that accompanied me in my personal and professional training, I continue to build in Venezuela with the group Etchevers Hermanos.

What I Do

Born entrepreneur.
These are some of my enterprises

Auto Sales
Del Imperio Motors

Automotive dealer with a wide variety of vehicle brands and models

Quality Credit Alliance

Financial entity that offers facilities for the acquisition of vehicles in the United States

Del Imperio Inc                    

Develops brands and carries out strategic campaigns for companies and artists

constructora hns Etchevers

Dedicated to the creation of housing and commercial projects in Venezuela

Auto Sales
Quality Engines

Specializing in the wholesale and retail marketing of vehicles in Florida


Other Projects


Join me and I will give you advice when purchasing tickets to tourist sites with the best market rates


Acompañame y te daré consejos a la hora de adquirir boletos a sitios turisticos con las mejores tarifas del mercado


When words fail, music speaks. Enjoy collaborations with talented artists


Disfruta de las colaboraciones realizadas con talentosos Artistas
Sígueme en Youtube


Together with various influencers, we create humorous videos


Junto con varios influencers, creamos videos humorísticos 


Contact info

miami, florida 33166

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